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ActiveScaler is launching ImRide in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen in GCV Asia conference. CEO Abhay Jain mentioned, "Asia is the largest opportunity for Mobility revolution and we are going aggressively" .

Changing How You Drive

IMBOT eliminates the need for multiple devices and screens that can cause distractions to the vehicle operator. It is an Android-powered intelligent platform for advance data driven capabilities that provides solution to fleet operation problems. This is done by integrating cloud services and applications with open APIs that enable a rich, flexible, In-Motion ecosystem.

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IMBOT Features


IMBOT is an intelligent Android-powered smart device in the form factor of a rearview mirror that can be securely installed. It is equipped with regulatory compliant anti-theft mechanisms especially designed for commercial fleets.


Remotely configure, authenticate and activate IMBOT using the In-Motion provisioning system. It identifies the driver and personalizes the vehicle using advanced machine learning.


Driver behavior, on-road events, vehicle data and video are automatically stored in the In-Motion Cloud. Get a better ROI with actionable intelligence in real time. It’s that easy.

In-Vehicle Intelligence

ActiveScaler brings a new class of mobile and cloud technology to the intelligent transportation space focused on fleet management, shared mobility and collaborative intelligence. We have developed an application and big data analytics platform that reinvents the design and deployment of mobility management systems for fleets.

IMBOT + AI-enabled Applications

Advanced Driving Assistance
System (ADAS)

ADAS provides warnings for lane departure, forward collision, and objects on the road. Accident reconstruction provides blackbox capability to collect large datasets to understand and investigate accidents.

Driver Behavior

Contextual intelligence influences safe driving behavior with in-vehicle driver feedback and training tools. Utilizing data from advanced sensors to understand the driver’s situation and requirements and help with contextual information.

Electronic Video Recorder

Our EVR collects vehicle and engine data required by law for Electronic Logging compliance. Application Ecosystem is a comprehensive SDK for the application developers to develop amazing applications.


Concurrent video recording of road facing camera 1080p WHD CMOS camera and Driver facing 720p camera. Option to connect up to 5 cameras via USB.


Currently supporting English and Chinese language. Support for Japanese and a few European languages is expected to be launched in next few months.

Automotive grade display

12-36 Volt DC power connector with a cigarette lighter connector. Special option for commercial installation. Inbuilt 1800 mAH backup battery.

Multiple connectivity options

5″ high definition, multi-touch capitative touch screen, and adjustable contrast levels to provide clear and sharp display.


High precision GPS, Accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, ambient, proximity, temperature and humidity sensors.

Tech specs

Octa core ARM 1.8 GHz, dedicated video DSP 2 GB RAM, 32 GB Internal flash, and up to 2 TB of micro SD card.

Software and more

Enhanced security with custom secure Android 4.4 / 6 OS core. Keep a peace of mind with anti-theft installation options.