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ActiveScaler is launching ImRide in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen in GCV Asia conference. CEO Abhay Jain mentioned, "Asia is the largest opportunity for Mobility revolution and we are going aggressively" .

Made for the modern traveler

Whether you are a daily commuter who needs reliable transportation, an explorer who loves finding the best deals on international travel, or a business traveler who has weekly trips to the next city or even country, ImRide has a solution for you.

Plan your journey with ImRide


Commuters face multiple transportation problems every day. Finding a quick, affordable, reliable, and sustainable local mode of transportation is a daily challenge. ImRide provides solutions for commuters who need recurring daily trips with flexibility and support.


Explorers satisfy their insatiable need for the exciting and the exotic with travel. Young, or young-at-heart, explorers travel for the thrill and energy. ImRide provides flexibility and price sensitivity for explorers who like to travel anywhere at any time.


Successful business travelers set clear and attainable goals for every trip they take. They know what needs to be done whether it is to win a new client or simply conduct a successful meeting. ImRide presents set, convenient options for business travel.

All-in-one Travel Planning and Booking App

ImRide searches and presents all the possible transportation methods for door-to-door connectivity and allows users to find a solution which best suits their needs with respect to cost, time, comfort, and suitability.



Users search for door-to-door transportation options. They fill in origin, destination, travel dates, number of travelers, and type of trip (one-way, roundtrip, or multicity).


Users can plan out various combinations of transportation for their door-to-door travel using all available transportation modes. Users have the flexibility to filter and select which modes of transport they want on their trip based on their own preferences for time, cost, and comfort.


After all modes of transport are selected and locked, users can save or book the itinerary.  If a user selects to book, they are automatically taken to checkout.


Pay with convenience for the entire trip, including all modalities for door-to-door travel, at once.  Payment options include local currency of traveler and international currency of destination.

Track and support

On the day of departure, allow ImRide to assist your travels and provide continued AI-powered support throughout your entire journey. ImRide will automatically track and send notifications for your next transfer. Travel with peace of mind with ImRide.

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