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ActiveScaler is launching ImRide in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen in GCV Asia conference. CEO Abhay Jain mentioned, "Asia is the largest opportunity for Mobility revolution and we are going aggressively" .

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Abhay Jain talks at Apple

Abhay, CTO, and Co-Founder of ActiveScaler is speaking at an Internal conference at Apple on Tuesday, June 24, 2014. A focused talk on Innovation and need of a real-time platform to accelerate development....

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DENSO Leads AI-Powered Fleet Management Technology Company ActiveScaler’s Seed Funding Round

Tony Cannestra, Director of Corporate Ventures for DENSO, emphasized the importance of collaboration for innovative technology development. "Technologies that simplify and better customize shared mobility experiences are a key focus area for DENSO, and we will strongly support those technologies with strategic investments and boundary-pushing collaborations," said Cannestra....

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Today, Anyone Who Wants Can Access The World’s Most Advanced Technology

ActiveScaler is a startup company that retrofits everyday vehicles to transform them into smart cars. It’s technology includes voice recognition, so that drivers can control settings in the car with voice commands (e.g. turn lights on), video analytics to warn drivers about an impending collision with another car or pedestrian and even facial recognition to ensure that only authorized drivers are operating the vehicle....

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Gigaom | Alchemist Accelerator shows off as enterprise investment picks up

Active Scaler wants telecoms and other companies to try out its storage-load-balancing software. Rather than balance the load on network resources like a Citrix (s ctrx) NetScaler, Active Scaler software works with storage to shorten latency by a factor of three to five and decrease the cost of storage per gigabyte by 60 percent. ...

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